Innovate 2021 Resources

Virtual Resources

Find all the resources you need relating to the 2021 Mission Leaders Conference, including agenda, handouts, and more!

Virtual Event Schedule

Sep 22


Opening Session

Workshop Set 1

Plenary Session

Sep 23


Workshop Set 2

Plenary Session

Workshop Set 3

Workshop Set 4

Plenary Session & Award Ceremony

Sep 24


Workshop Set 5

Closing Session

Download Workshop Handouts

Find handouts, slide presentations, and more on the workshop session pages. Workshop handouts will continue to be added as we receive them from the presenters.

Workshop Set 1 (September 22, 3:45–5:00pm)
Workshop Set 2 (September 23, 8:30–9:45am)
Workshop Set 3 (September 23, 1:45–3:00pm)
Workshop Set 4 (September 23, 3:45–5:00pm)
Workshop Set 5 (September 24, 9:00–10:15am)

Virtual Event F.A.Qs

For tech help relating to the virtual event and/or the zoom platform, click here.

Q: How can I join the virtual event / Where can I find my Zoom Link?

A: Your virtual pass for Innovate 2021 was emailed to the address that you registered with for the event. Check your email inbox or spam folder to find an email from “Annette Esler (” with the subject line “Important Details for Innovate 2021 Virtual”. Inside you will find the URL, meeting ID, and passcode to participate in the virtual event. If you cannot locate your invite email, send a note to

Q: I can’t hear anything, how do I adjust the audio?

A: Make sure you are connected to the audio system speaker is unmuted and the volume is turned up. Read tips on troubleshooting audio that isn’t working on your iOS or Android device.

Q: I can’t see any pictures/images on the screen, how do I fix this?

A: Check that your browser is the active application on your computer and/or try rejoining the meeting.

Q: I am not seeing other options in my Zoom, I want to raise a question/post a feedback.

A: Make your browser/app window bigger or click the “More” button at the bottom of your screen to show additional options.

Q: How do I change my name on the screen?

A: Open the “Participants” panel, hover over your name, click “more”, and choose “rename”. Enter your new name and click the “rename” button.

Q: I am in the wrong breakout room, how do I change rooms?

A: You can change the room you are in by clicking “Leave Room”, returning to the main session, and then selecting the “Breakout Room” option. You will be able to join another breakout room that is active.

Q: How do I go back to the Main Room?

A: Click the “Leave Room” button in the bottom right corner. This will bring you back to the main session.

Q: There is too much background noise, how do I fix that?

A: Next to the microphone mute button, click the up arrow, and choose “Audio Settings…”. Choose an option under “Suppress background noise” and return to the meeting.

Q: Where can I find the link to the workshop tracks?

A: At the top of this page is the agenda and all of the workshops broken out by set/time.