Short-term Mission in an Honor/Shame Culture

Thursday | 3:45 PM

Primary Audience
Short-term mission senior leaders and trainers

Sixty-five to eighty percent of the world functions with an Honor/Shame perspective on life and relationships. However, short- and mid-term missionaries sent from North America tend to come from a Guilt/Innocence worldview (though this is changing), and are more equipped to minister from this perspective. This can lead to cultural confusion, relational misunderstandings, and a lack of clarity on how to share the gospel. In this workshop we will discuss a simple framework for explaining an Honor/Shame worldview to Westerners, briefly look at how the scriptures speak to (and from) an Honor/Shame culture, present tips on how to prepare short- and mid-term missionaries for life in an Honor/Shame based society, and share some practical ideas on some best methods for sharing the gospel with people who may be more responsive to the gospel’s offer of release from shame than forgiveness of guilt.

Presented By

Don Johnson


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