Announcing Missio Nexus/Sixteen:Fifteen Partnership

Sixteen:Fifteen and Missio Nexus: Together for the Great Commission

We are thrilled to announce that Sixteen:Fifteen and Missio Nexus have joined forces in order to strengthen and expand the ways we serve the Great Commission community. Here is what this partnership means for churches we have served:

  • If your church has participated in Sixteen:Fifteen’s 3-D Missions Coaching Process, you are eligible to receive a one-year, Missio Nexus membership, discounted 100%.
  • Churches that have participated in The Mobilized Church Workshop, Onsite or Online, will receive a one-year Missio Nexus Membership discounted at 50%.
  • To learn more about these benefits, click here!

Missio Nexus membership gives churches access to an incredible array of mission
resources and the opportunity to connect and engage with others in the Great
Commission Community.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of Missio Nexus membership and to sign up.

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