How Organizations Can Best Support Resilience [Research Findings]

Thursday | 8:30 AM

Primary Audience
Missionaries, member care staff, mission pastor & committee

The resilient global worker study (n=892) was a mixed-methods, grounded-theory study that listened to the experience and wisdom of Christian global workers from 41 nations serving in 148 countries (see Much was shared about how organizations supported or suppressed their growth in resilience.

We are at an inflection point in missions and our fidelity to the Great Commission inspires us toward wise innovation. Therefore it is critical that we listen to Christian global workers’ perspectives on the organizational culture, practices, and relationships that support their resilience.

Those who participate in this workshop will be:

  • introduced to the study findings that specifically address the organizational impact on resilience;
  • identify areas where their organization is successfully supporting resilience; 3) strategize practical next steps to nurture resilience.

Participants can expect this workshop to unpack the research findings in a digestible and actionable manner through audience engagement, group discussion, and practical resources.

Presented By

Geoff Whiteman
Kriss Whiteman

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