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Missio Nexus seeks to walk alongside leaders who have been in their role five-years or less. Our desire is to assist these CEOs in their adjustment to the new role, new team and perhaps new organization. Leaders will be engaged both one-on-one by our Onboard Coach and will also have the opportunity to interact as a group with other CEOs who are in similar positions.


  • Create smooth transitions from the previous CEOs
  • Encourage CEOs to be Spirit led learners, team builders, and consensus builders
  • Assist CEOs with time management and spiritual development
  • Help new CEOs work together as a cohort to learn, ideate and innovate
  • Assist CEOs in building strong relationships with board members

Learning peer-to-peer from mutual challenges was a joy. Deepening relationship that allowed for mutual interaction outside of class time.

—CEO Global Outreach


The Onboard program will launch each year with a new class of CEOs at the Missio Nexus Annual Mission Leaders Conference. Participants will be expected to attend the fall conference and specific time will be utilized in the schedule for the new group to interact with the Onboard Coach and as a group. Following the conference, the individual CEOs will have the opportunity to interact via phone, email and through an online virtual cohort group with each other and the Onboard Coach. About half-way through the year the Onboard Coach will personally visit with the CEO at their headquarters for a one-day deep dive. The 9-month program will conclude in June after the Missio Nexus Annual Peer-to-Peer CEO retreat. At this event CEOs will have the opportunity to interact with a wider group of CEOs from many different mission organizations and conclude their mentoring.

Potential Topics for Interaction and Advising

  • Change Dynamics and Management
  • Financial Issues
  • Staff Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Development of Field Leadership
  • Leadership Development
  • Spiritual Maturity and Development
  • Security Management and Mitigation
  • Creating an Environment for Growth and Development
  • Innovating innovation
  • Board Development
  • Partnership

[It was] just SUPER helpful to be with other CEOs who are experiencing some of the same changes, circumstances, and challenges.

—CEO Life In Messiah


  • Ten limited openings each year for new Onboard participants
  • CEOs must be serving five years or less
  • The program runs October–June.
  • Participants are expected to attend the OnBoard kick-off at the Mission Leaders Conference in September and the annual Peer-to-Peer CEO event in the spring.
  • The OnBoard Coach will visit the CEO on-site during the course of the program.


  • US$1,500.00 program fee per person

Additional Costs

  • Mission Leaders Conference (see web page for details)
  • CEO Peer-to-Peer Event
  • Expenses for the visit by the Onboard Coach (hotel, flight, meals, transportation)

Onboard Coach

Corwin Macklin

Corwin brings over twenty-five years of executive leadership experience and success at the highest organizational levels for nonprofits, state government, faith-based organizations, and the U.S. Military. Corwin is a transformational leader, consultant, seasoned nonprofit executive, change-agent, and community developer. He has broad-based experience in organizational and leadership development, fundraising, government relations, administrative operations, program/project management, human resources, and communications. Corwin is passionate about Jesus and his work among the nations. He is eager to walk alongside each CEO as they uniquely seek to be faithful stewards of their lives and organizations.

 Corwin really was concerned for me and my organization.


 Interaction with the coach was vital for my growth.

—CEO One Mission Society

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