Mental Health in Missions

Thursday | 1:45 PM

Primary Audience
Mission leaders, team leaders and mission pastors

More and more global workers are battling mental health difficulties. Anxiety, depression and addiction are top struggle expressions many workers face. Traditionally we haven’t entered these battlefields well. We’ve not known how to view them, engage the person or even offer presence to the struggling one. Yet, compassionate, faithful presence and engagement are crucial if the worker is to be released most fully into their design and calling. Our starting perception and assumptions about what mental health is and isn’t must be redefined and reoriented. Developing discernment about what God might be up to in the individual, family and team is vital if we are to create communities where all of life is welcomed and explored. We must expand our skills to know how faithful presence might look if we are to be vital in our work and the Gospel validated in it’s message. Our hurting world needs to see Jesus shining brightly, even from perplexing, dark places. This battle can be fought well when we’re certain God is up to something good and we ask for eyes to see it and strength to engage it.

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David Shepherd
Jeanni Shepherd


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