Creative Tools to Cultivate Intercultural Learning

Wednesday | 3:45 PM

Primary Audience
Short-term missions agency or team leaders, and others interested in intercultural training

What methods does your missions organization use to promote intercultural development for staff and STM participants? Cultivating deeper intercultural sensitivity, whether working abroad or domestically, is critical to effectively fulfill God’s call to love our neighbors and reach the nations.

Learning Objectives
This presentation will demonstrate frameworks and tools to support growth in intercultural understanding with a spirit of Christ-centered humility. Participants will learn about the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), and ways to apply this model to assess an individual’s approach to navigating cultural differences. Participants will also gain understanding of how to customize intercultural training to the needs of staff and team members. A variety of training resources will be described, including research-based strategies to reduce prejudice, storytelling exercises to encourage empathy, and reflection activities to cultivate curiosity.

Presented By

Bethany Peters


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