What is Your Brand Score? And Why Does it Matter to Your Donors?

Thursday | 1:45 PM

Primary Audience
CEOs, COOs, CMOs, executive directors, brand strategists, marketing and communication leads

At the end of the day, your brand is your reputation. Have you ever wondered what your organization’s reputation looks like from the outside-in? Imagine this: It’s December 23 and a donor wants to donate $5000 to an organization. He or she stumbles upon your website, clicks your Facebook page, watches your ‘about us’ video and scrolls through your newsletter. Do you think your website and content has the stopping power and clarity to grab their attention? Is your brand sticky enough to make them want to learn more and engage? Over the past 4 years, Rethink Creative has used Brand Score, a proprietary subjective measure, to evaluate and benchmark brands in four fundamental areas: Visuals, Voice, Social Presence and Web Performance. Join us as we share about how to find your organization’s Brand Score and use this measure to increase donor engagement and ultimately build trust.

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Jinu Thomas
Janet Mendez

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