Diversity, Inclusion, and Conflict: Do You Want Uniformity or Unity?

Thursday | 8:30 AM

Primary Audience
Caretakers of organizational culture, especially human resource professionals and senior leaders


In his book Cross-Cultural Conflict, Duane Elmer identifies unity as the key to fulfilling the Great Commission, citing Jesus’s “unity prayer” in John 17 and noting that “Our ability to resolve conflict, thus preserving unity, is directly related to people’s coming to Christ.” As mission organizations become more ethnically diverse, our approach to conflict becomes increasingly important. We must realize that our Enemy wants us to fear conflict because conflict avoidance is the pathway to organizational assimilation, which yields uniformity (unity’s counterfeit).

Here’s an innovative approach: let’s welcome conflict! This session explores four specific organizational climates and offers a potential pathway to Biblical shalom – inclusive unity in diversity. You see, shalom isn’t the absence of conflict; it’s the presence of constructive conflict.

Presented By

Rocky Tyler


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