Answers to Fundraising Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask (But Never Have)

Friday | 9:00 AM

Primary Audience
Non-profit leaders involved in fundraising

Getting fundraising right is essential. Fundraising is a resource engine that drives your ministry. This panel is an opportunity to sit with peers and other fundraising leaders, hear input on some of the most pressing questions development professionals face today, and synthesize lessons from other workshops into practical next steps. Questions will be curated from participants throughout the conference and answered by the track coordinators or other special guests.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply lessons on the spirituality of fundraising
  • Integrate best practices in storytelling, monthly giving, and digital fundraising into ongoing fundraising efforts
  • Test the application of fundraising best practices in each ministry context, using principles of innovation like prototyping and empathy gathering
  • Summarize the challenges and opportunities of the current fundraising landscape for Christian nonprofitsical ways to safely tell stories from even the most sensitive projectsmize every digital communication and ad dollar

Specialized Knowledge 1.5 CPE hours

The Panel

Kristen Shuler
Chris Winkler
Nathan Burns


Session Recording