Making Mission Trips Better

Thursday | 8:30 AM

Primary Audience
New STM leaders or trainers, or those who are unfamiliar with the 7 Standards of Excellence in STM.

What makes a mission trip good? Is it the result or the way you went about doing it? It’s okay, take a minute to answer for yourself. We’ll be looking at the 7 critical elements you will want to make part of your mission trip so you can honor your hosts and glorify God. This will include sharing some best practices, tools, and resources that you can incorporate into your next mission trip. You’ll not only have the opportunity to hear from the staff at Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission (SOE) but to hear from and share with other like-minded missions practitioners like yourself.

This is an introductory level workshop. For those who are more experienced in short-term missions and the 7 Standards of Excellence, or are in senior leadership levels of STM organizations, we recommend that you attend the Executive Leadership Track workshop on “Inspiring Innovation with Design Thinking in Missions Contexts,” presented by Bethany Peters and Jolene Erlacher.

Presented By

Tory Ruark
Kathy Mort


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