Integrating Faith and Fundraising

Wednesday | 3:45 PM

Primary Audience
CEOs, Fundraisers, and Administrators

Why is ministry fundraising such a high-pressure field? Why are skilled professionals exiting fundraising roles in 2 years or less? And how do we address the way this leads givers to feel disconnected from the ministry? This is a complex and expensive problem, and the implications are more than financial. Attend this session to discover old truths that shed new light on addressing these issues that stem from often unknowingly taking a dis-integrated approach. When we integrate faith and fundraising it becomes a deeply spiritual experience and form of ministry for fundraisers and givers

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the biblical foundation for fundraising as a form of ministry
  • Learn the scriptural principles move the Christian fundraiser to focus on ministering to people, rather than creating transactional relationships in pursuit of fundraising goals
  • Understand the distinction between God’s role and our responsibility in fundraising, which frees the Christian fundraiser from burnout and empowers them to inspire generosity
  • Learn how to set spiritual goals that keep in balance the financial goals of fundraising teams

Specialized Knowledge 1.5 CPE hours

Presented by

Dr. Gary G. Hoag


Session Recording

*This session was not recorded.