Current Innovations in Diaspora: Practitioner Spot Talks

Thursday | 1:45 PM

Primary Audience
Mission agency and church leaders, strategists, diaspora missions practitioners

Can engaging with the realm of global migration actually add value to our mission work? Join us as we explore three innovations in diaspora missions that allow us to:

1. Join with the vast migration of Majority World Christians in multiplying capacity for urban missions,

2. Release the mission potential of new believers returning to their homelands, and

3. Envision value-creating collaborative spaces for engagement with the unreached diaspora in urban contexts, both in North America and abroad.

Each spot talk will be followed with a brief and illustrative case study, and also accompanied with links to further resources.

John Baxter, Sunny Hong, Rich Mendola, Chaoyang Peng, Don Allsman, Rickie Bradshaw


Session Recording