Engaging the Hearts of Your Constituents Through Stories

Thursday | 8:30 AM

Primary Audience
Fundraising, marketing, and communications professionals

Facts and data form a critical foundation for communicating with your constituents. Reports provide assurance of accountability and justify investments. But to sustain engagement in the long term as well as to attract new constituents, communication tactics that engage the heart cannot be ignored. Stories do this. They transport people into what God is doing through your organization. Stories also connect them emotionally to why their involvement makes a difference.

Eugene Peterson described this well when he said, “Story doesn’t just tell us something and leave it at that – it invites our participation.”

Learning Objectives

  • Discover why storytelling is an essential communications tactic
  • Choose stories that align with your strategic goals
  • Explain practical ways to safely tell stories from even the most sensitive projects to maximize every digital communication and ad dollar

Communications and Marketing 1.5 CPE hours

Presented By

Heather Pubols


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