Christian Response to Dealing with Cybersecurity Risk

Thursday | 8:30 AM

Primary Audience
IT professionals working in DevOps and DevSecOps for multinational organizations

What is the Christian response to dealing with cybersecurity risk in an age where there is a strong connection between digital and physical security? How is our responsibility of Christian stewardship fulfilled in the realm of information technology and cybersecurity? What are the biggest cybersecurity issues that need to be addressed to keep your organization from being devastated by a security incident? How can we fulfill the great commission but minimize the damage, death, or imprisonment that can be caused by ignoring appropriate cybersecurity controls when working overseas?

Learning Objectives

• An historic understanding of the role of data in the spreading of the gospel
• How data management principles are the foundation of cybersecurity and good networking hygiene
• An understanding of how physical security and cybersecurity are intrinsically linked
• The role of social media and apps in cybercrimes and phishing schemes
• How to protect your assets and people in a dynamic, geo-political theater of operations
• Practical steps you can take to avoid ransomware and other cyberattacks on your infrastructure
• How to maintain situational awareness in your staff

Information Technology 1.5 CPE hours

Presented by

Sharon Bolding


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