Reaching Muslims – Heart, Mind, & Soul

Friday | 9:00 AM

Primary Audience
Those interested in learning how to understand the Heart, Mind, and Soul of the Muslim culture

The workshop is designed to take ‘everyday believers’ on a journey. In the Heart Section of the workshop, believers are helped to identify and own their attitudes toward Muslims. The heart section also sheds light on commonly held ‘values’ of Muslims worldwide which provide believers with key insights for a best practices approach. In the Mind Section, participants come to recognize the similarities and irreconcilable differences between Christianity and Islam which may create a door-opener opportunity for continued gospel interaction or create a door-closer situation. In the Soul section of the workshop, believers learn how to show love and communicate the gospel within a practical, memorable, implementable, grace & truth relationship building roadmap for maximum gospel effectiveness.

Presented By

Douglas Martin


Session Recording

*This session was not recorded.