Innovative Godly Resilience in International Workers Serving in Hazardous Places

Thursday | 3:45 PM

Primary Audience
Sending organization leadership, member care workers, mental health providers, international workers

International workers who attempt to engage unreached people groups in difficult places are often overwhelmed by stress and the desires of the flesh this stress empowers. Within two years, many return home broken and defeated, their families and ministries in shambles. Like military combat preparations, Dr. Burke’s proven program helps international workers develop Godly resilience to effectively serve long-term in even the most difficult places.

Dr. Burke’s program draws on his clinical, military, and 20-plus years’ overseas experience. These are integrated with the latest advances in the neurosciences to help international workers resiliently rely on the spiritual power their relationship with God gives to overcome the extreme stress associated with serving in hazardous areas. Godly resilience training is like special forces training for the soul.

Presented By

Hamilton T. Burke


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