2017- 2018 Webinars

Here is a list of our past and current webinars for your easy access:

Insights From Respected Women In God’s Mission – presented on November 15th by  Mary Lederleitner, Executive Director Missional Intelligence.

The Place of Orality in Church Planting – presented on November 8th by Jerry Wiles, North America Regional Director, International Orality Network, President Emeritus, Living Water International.

The New Normal for the Church in China – presented on November 1st by Joann Pittman, Senior Vice President, ChinaSource and  Michael White, Strategy & Operations, ChinaSource.

Stewarding the Purpose Inside Your People – presented on October 18th by Mark Stevenson, Founder and Practice Leader, Clarity for Christian Leaders.

Welcoming the Stranger – presented on October 4th by Matthew Soerens, US Director of Church Mobilization, World Relief

Spirituality in Cross-Cultural Mission – Embracing the Lifelong Journey – on September 13th at 2pm EDT by Dr. Bill Taylor, founder and president of TaylorGlobalConsult.

A Missionary Pipeline for your Church – on September 6th at 2pm EDT by David J. Wilson, D.Min. is the Director of Church Relations at Avant Ministries

The Roles of Church and Mission in Crisis Management: Overlap? Competition? Cooperation? – by Brent Lindquist,  Psychologist and President of Link Care Center, in Fresno CA, USA on August 23rd at 2pm EDT.

Lifetime of Service Award – Don Richardson – Missio Nexus presented Don Richardson a Lifetime of Service Award on June 7th at 11 EDT in Orlando FL. Click the link above to view the coverage.

Partnership and the Strategic Role of Networks -by Eldon Porter and David Hackett who will present about the increasing need to partner with others for effective ministry on May 24th at 2pm.

How Do I Get My Pastor Engaged in Missions? – Cracking the Code -by Matthew Ellison who presented about how to crack the code of pastoral engagement in missions. May 3, 2018

From Unhealthy Dependency To Local Sustainability -by Jean Johnson who presented the underlying causes of unhealthy dependency, and ways to create a culture of sustainability and multiplication. April 26, 2018

Blockchain: Help or Hype in Ministry -by Ted Esler as he gives a basic introduction into blockchain and why ministry leaders should be paying attention to this emerging technology. April 19, 2018

Partnering with Oral Learners -by Rob Harvey and Stephen Stringer who helped develop oral strategies and programs by more effectively collaborating with the best practices and practitioners. March 15, 2018

The Crucible of the First Term: Understanding and Helping So It is not the Last -by Psychologist Connie Befus. This webinar will help learn effective preventative and ameliorative interventions to help First-Termers, so they are effective and their First Term is not their last one. March 8, 2018

So What? Answering a Donor’s Toughest Question – Show Your Impact to Raise More Money -by Gilles Gravelle. This webinar can help non-profit organizations and ministries learn how to provide meaningful and convincing answers to the most important question a donor can ask: “What difference is your cause making? March 1, 2018

Innovations in North American Mobilization Collaboration -by Mark Stebbins who presented about what is already trending in new mobilization collaborations, what the future holds for creative new designs and the practical considerations and steps to take us all there. February 22, 2018

Global Mega-trends and Implications on Mission Mobilization -by Marv Newell. This webinar examined key areas of change happening around the globe along with their implications on mission mobilization. February 8, 2018

Five Types of Strategies for Missions Organizations -by James C. Galvin, discovering what kind of organizational strategy you will need going forward. February 1, 2018

Detecting and Preventing Mission Fraud -by David Bogosian, who examined why fraud and false reporting happens in this context and suggested ways to prevent it. January 18, 2018

Crisis Management and Legal Liability in Global Missions -by Theresa Sidebotham who gave solutions to minimize risks to the organization and practical steps to prepare for crisis situations. January 11, 2018

Mobilizing the Church for the World – by Steve Beirn. This webinar will assist anyone in the local church to mobilize their church body for missions. December 14, 2017

The Porn Phenomenon and its Potential Impact On Mission Recruitment & Retention -by Bishop David Perrin. Discover why people become obsessed and how to break the cycle of porn use. December 7, 2017

Missionary Accountability and Missionary Care: Both/And, Not Either/Or -by Pastor Allen introduced the MDET and other means for providing quality care and accountability for our missionaries. November 16, 2017

Equip Your Short-Term Mission Team to Use Their Mobile Phones For Outreach -by Clyde Taber who shared about learning the 7 steps to prepare your teams for greater effectiveness using mobile phones. October 26, 2017

Resources and Relationships in Missions: Navigating the Minefield of Dependency – by Jeffrey Fussner who covered some basic cultural views of resources and relationships and how to navigate possible confusion. October 19, 2017

Data is Your Ally:  Key Research Analysis for the Modern Missions Movement -by Michael VanHuis who explored the importance of utilizing data in our organization and more. October 5, 2017

The Local Church: Mentoring Healthy Missionary Candidates -by Greg Carter who discussed about the equipping of the mentors who play the critical role of preparing future missionaries. September 7, 2017

The Missionary Martyr:  What We Learn from Those Who Gave Their Lives for the Cause of Christ -by Marv Newell who talked about the deaths of 21 missionary martyrs and brought encouragement and fortitude to all who serve in dangerous places or seek to do so. August 31, 2017

Making Teams Work in Missions -David Sedlacek discussed about what it takes to develop and maintain a healthy team. August 24, 2017

STM Emergencies: Preparing Team Leaders to Respond in a Crisis -Jenny Collins discussed biblical guiding principles for approaching risks. May 25, 2017

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