A Missionary Pipeline for your Church

Webinar Title:  A Missionary Pipeline for your Church

Webinar Description:  Churches are busy places and church leaders are busy people. They are doing some really good things to make this world a better place. But is it possible that all these good things are distracting the church from doing great things, like The Great Commission? Jesus provided us with His final instructions before He ascended, and part of those instructions include sending people to proclaim the gospel in unreached areas of the world. This webinar will develop a practical application of the Great Commission mandate by describing a proactive and intentional process of raising up the next generation of “sent ones” within the context of the local church. Churches, large and small, are not alone in this process… There are partners who are ready, willing, and available to help the church fulfill its’ mandate. Mission Agencies, coaches, missionary training centers, and others are eager to connect with churches who are interested in getting organized. Join us in connecting all the links to the pipeline and discover your church’s full potential

Presenter:  David J. Wilson, D.Min. is the Director of Church Relations at Avant Ministries and has a Master of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and a Doctorate of Ministry from Campbell University. He has been serving as Mission Pastor in the local church since 1996. Recently, he and his wife, Lorene, moved to Kansas City to serve as Director of Church Relations at Avant Ministries. They have published three books: “Mind the Gaps” equips churches to provide excellent care for missionaries; and “Transforming Missionaries” helps church leaders develop a short-term mission strategy. Their recent book called “Pipeline” (May 2018) engages churches in being intentional about mobilizing the next generation of missionaries.

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