The Crucible of the First Term: Understanding and Helping So It is not the Last

Description of workshop: The First Term missionary has multiple adjustments to make, losses to mourn, an identity to shed and a new identity to learn—all happening amidst high stress. In that process, emotional baggage can surface adding to the confusion. Understanding what happens psychologically and spiritually in the stress and identity crisis of the First Term experience can help those of us who prepare missionaries for the field, those who receive them, or those called in to help. Learn effective preventative and ameliorative interventions to help First Termers so they are effective and their First Term is not their last one.

Speaker info: Member Care and Psychological Consultant Connie Befus is a psychologist with 30 years of experience in member care in missions. She grew up in Africa, the daughter of missionary parents and has served with her husband in Latin America for 17 years. She has worked in private practice, as a psychological consultant for six missions, and as Director of Member Care for Latin America Mission for 10 years, and for WorldVenture for 7 years. She has two adult Third Culture Kids. Her doctoral research explored effective helps for people in the midst of cross cultural adjustment.

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