Detecting and Preventing Mission Fraud

Presented by David Bogosian, Executive Vice President, Christian Aid

Billions of dollars are disbursed from the West each year and directly placed in the hands of indigenous ministries administrated by local ministry partners. These funds are being distributed by foundations, local churches, and increasingly by traditional mission agencies. As more funders get involved with little coordination amongst themselves, the potential for corruption increases exponentially at the field level. In this webinar we will examine why fraud and false reporting happens in this context and suggest ways to prevent it. A model will be presented that can be used to predict the likelihood of fraud occurring based on 10 common factors. Participants will also learn of an ongoing study on mission fraud and how they can contribute, participate and benefit from the crowd-sourcing of case-studies and preventative solutions from around the world.

David Bogosian is executive vice president of Christian Aid Mission and coordinator of the Coalition on the Support of Indigenous Ministries. He is the author of Eternal Vision and senior editor of the Global Mission Database. He has over twenty years of experience in mission research, and served for ten years in the Philippines with the Frontier Mission Fellowship.

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