Partnership and the Strategic Role of Networks

Description: We live in an unprecedented period of mission history. The new paradigm of “from anywhere to everywhere” is by nature complex, resulting in an increasing need to partner with others for effective ministry. The challenge of connecting with potential partners in the global context is best done in and through the evolving world of networks. This webinar will be led by Eldon Porter and David Hackett. Eldon manages Linking Global Voices which tracks nearly 600 networks globally. David is with visionSynergy and has extensive experience in coaching network leaders in developing effective ministry partnerships.


Eldon Porter is an expert on global networks and specifically the role they play in the new “from anywhere to everywhere” partnership dependent paradigm of missions. He manages the website Linking Global Voices which tracks over five hundred networks globally and studies how leadership and global engagement takes place on these platforms. His personal experience of serving for 27 years in leadership roles within a large western mission agency uniquely prepares him to speak to the subject of how a ministry leader should best utilize the value offered by networks.

Rev. ​David R Hackett is Director of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region for visionSynergy, a​n organization focused on generating effective mission networks and training effective network leaders. Dave has ​advised and helped develop several large-scale​ international networks of over 300 active nonprofit organizations​, as well as smaller partnerships in creative access regions. His expertise includes advising cross-cultural network leadership teams in the MENA region. Dave has been a Presbyterian pastor for 34 years with more than 25 of these years in global network development organizations. He lived in Saudi Arabia in his early years. Later, Dave was an Economics and English ​lecturer ​at Han Nam University in South Korea and then served ​two ​mega-churches as mission pastor before moving fully into network development work in 1993. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife Sandra, a Presbyterian pastor, and he has three grown daughters and happily, one newborn grandchild.

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