Crisis Management and Legal Liability in Global Missions

Presented by: Theresa Sidebotham, Attorney at Law, Telios Law PLLC

Global missions work is increasingly dangerous, especially in certain parts of the world. Agencies operating in this sphere must understand these risks and put systems in place to help ensure the security of missionaries working abroad. Solid crisis management is essential to protecting the safety of people and ministry property, and, in the event of a tragedy, can also go a long way toward preventing legal liability for the organization. This webinar focuses on the legal implications of crises that may arise from work in foreign countries where there is a higher risk of injury, kidnapping, or death to missionaries. After briefly examining how a mission could face legal liability for its actions in a crisis abroad, the webinar will suggest solutions to minimize risk to the organization and practical steps to prepare for crisis situations.

Theresa Sidebotham is the founding attorney at Telios Law PLLC and a member of Beyond. Her past as an MK and missionary informs her legal counsel to numerous missions, where she helps improve organizational/HR policy, support religious liberties, conduct investigations, care for victims and members, and minimize litigation exposure.

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