Innovations in North American Mobilization Collaboration

Description: As disruptive innovations are taking over traditional North American industries, the environment is ripe for unprecedented breakthroughs in mobilization collaborations in the North American missions’ enterprise.  We will explore what is already trending in new mobilization collaborations, and try to peek into what the future holds for creative new designs for our mobilization collaboration.  We will also address the practical considerations and steps to take us all there.

Presented by Mark Stebbins, U.S. Navigators Collegiate Missions Director, The Navigators

Mark  currently serves as Missions Director for the U.S. Collegiate Navigators.  After involvement with The Navigators as an undergraduate, Mark went to Ethiopia in 1974, immediately after graduation, serving 6 months with Sudan Interior Mission.  After 3 years as a Sears salesman and Job Service counselor for the state of NC, he served with The Navigators for 2 years in Accra, Ghana, West Africa from 1978-1980 involved in evangelism and disciplemaking among civil servants and university students.  After 8 years in full-time campus ministry, Mark and his family returned to Kumasi, Ghana, with The Navigators in 1989, where they served 8 years winning and training businessmen for Christ, as well as helping start several small businesses there.  He served 12 years as Director for Short-term Missions and Director for International Mobilization and Recruitment for the U.S. Navigators.

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Innovations in Mobilization Collaboration

Uber, iPhones, Airbnb, Netflix, and Amazon. The list goes on. Disruptive innovations are taking over traditional North American industries. The missions realm also needs consistent creative effective new ways for how we activate, recruit, and onboard new workers. The environment is ripe for unprecedented breakthroughs in mobilization collaborations in the North American missions’ enterprise.

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