Spirituality in Cross-Cultural Mission – Embracing the Lifelong Journey

Description:  A practical exploration of the different spiritualities we grapple with over a life-time of mission ministry. The spirituality that “gets us there” will soon be assaulted by the unexpected when “stuff happens.” This potentially can grow/change our spirituality. Or stall it. Then what about the spirituality of the last laps, which by definition is different? Organizations have their own spirituality culture. Compare Assemblies of God and YWAM with Team and Camino Global. Any differences? Compare a Reformed Presbyterian mission with a Methodist one. We will walk through the major divisions of the new book, Spirituality in Mission: Embracing the Lifelong Journey (John Amalraj, Geoffrey Hahn, William Taylor, WCP, 2018). We will grapple with theological verities, identify some of the issues, evaluate case studies, and deal with some of the key challenges to a vibrant spiritual life over the course of a long obedience in the same direction.

Presenter:  Dr. Bill Taylor was born in Costa Rica of missionary parents and has lived 30 years in Latin America. From 1968-1985 Bill and his wife Yvonne served 17 years in Guatemala in leadership development, theological education and church planting. From 1986-2006 he served as Executive Director of the Mission Commission of World Evangelical Alliance and for another decade served as MC Senior Mentor and MC publication program coordinator.  He is a writer and editor of a number of mission publications including the new Spirituality in Mission: Embracing the Life-Long Journey (2018). As founder and president of TaylorGlobalConsult, he now invests most of his time in selective mentoring-apprenticing of key leaders, writing, teaching and consulting with agencies, schools, churches and business-as-mission ventures, and speaking to address key issues of our world today.

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