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Hop, Skip, Go: How the Mobility Revolution Is Transforming Our Lives

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Hop, Skip, Go: How the Mobility Revolution Is Transforming Our Lives

John Rossant and Stephen Baker

Harper Business, 2019, 272 Pages


This book helps leaders understand how disruptive change occurs and does so in the context of mobility. It makes the claim that the next big social and business revolution will be in moving people from one place to another. Most of these changes will come in urban areas. The wild frontier of this change is happening now, with no clear winners yet emerging. The authors paint a compelling history of how cars shape current societies and how different our future will be when there are fewer of them. They make a powerful case that subscribing to mobility options will be more attractive than owning a car for most people in the coming decades. They trace the way that this disruption is already unfolding.

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