COVID-19 Local Church Global Missions Contingency Planning Tool

COVID-19 has not only affected our day-to-day operations in the present, but the implications will be felt well into the days, months and possibly years ahead. It is still too early for us to predict the net affect, but we can begin planning for possible scenarios.

The COVID-19 Local Church Global Missions Contingency Planning Tool has been designed to help church missions leaders think through questions and scenarios for nine different areas of focus. There is also an include worksheet for you to chart out your thoughts as you work through this tool.

The first page provides questions to prompt discussion and analysis. The following pages provide detail scenario possibilities to help strategy teams consider possible realties affecting local churches and global missions over the mid-term (6–8 months) and long-term (12+ months). This is not meant to be prophetic, an exact map, or fully comprehensive. It is a tool to guide scenario planning and leadership decisions.


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