Webinar: So You Wanna Have a Podcast?

A Peer-2-Peer Webinar for Communications and Marketing Professionals


All would-be podcasters need in 2022 is a microphone, a recorder, and a cool logo, right? Right…and wrong. Christianity Today’s Morgan Lee has hosted and produced three podcasts, including the publication’s first and longest-running show Quick to Listen. Here, she walks you through what you need to know to make compelling audio in a world where seemingly everyone has a podcast.


Morgan Lee. Morgan is a digital media journalist at Christianity Today who tells complicated stories about complex issues around the world and elevates the voices of locals on the ground. Morgan reports and edits for a growing CT Global team and oversees its multilingual project, which includes working with translators from Ukraine, Korea, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, China, Indonesia, and Switzerland. For more than five years, Morgan served as the host and producer of the award-winning news podcast Quick to Listen. She lives in Honolulu, Hawai’i and you can find her on Twitter at @mepaynl.

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