Webinar: How Digital Media is Accelerating Disciple Making Among the Unreached

Description of webinar:  

God gave the early disciples the Roman road to extend the gospel message to the nations. He used Gutenberg’s press to make His word accessible to the masses. In our generation, we have the internet. There is a unique move of God’s Spirit at work among the global mission community as hundreds of disciple makers are now using digital media strategies to identify and engage seeking people in least-reached areas. Once engaged online, the seeker’s discovery journey moves offline in an effort to accelerate disciple making movements. Leveraging a media to movement strategy positions missionaries to relate to seekers in a modern context and quickly connects them to those who the Father has been preparing. 

In this webinar you will: 

  • Learn about the strategy and best practices 
  • Hear the results of recent research from over hundred practitioners
  • Hear stories from the field
  • Learn how your team and/or organization can be trained in this strategy


 Aicha of Media to Movements and Tom Khazoyan of 10X Productions

Aicha has a long-term call to make Jesus known where He is not. Her heart is especially knitted to North Africa after living there for eight years. When not dreaming up new ideas, strategies on how to implement them, and mobilizing others to participate, she’s usually spending time with family and friends, reading or traveling. Good coffee, belly laughing, new experiences and getting things done make her happy. Aicha’s roles on the Media to Movements team include: providing visionary leadership and implementation coaching to church planting field teams.

Tom has a passion to tell cross-cultural spiritual stories and to see movements of reproducing disciples rise up around the world. As a filmmaker working in many mediums over the past 35 years, he most enjoys bringing time-tested storytelling principles to new technologies and audiences. He currently leads a team at 10X Productions developing collaborative productions and training in visual storytelling and media strategies, especially those in cross-cultural settings. Current projects include the Foundations of Media To Movements course for MissionMediaU, an on-going series of short films in Arabic for social media campaigns, and short and feature-length dramatic screenplays

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