Turning Points

Thoroughly Equipped?

Anthology is not merely meant to inform. We want to encourage, provoke, and stir up action among our readers. The Great Commission matters and so the way we do mission is important. In gospel proclamation we need to be prepared to think and act biblically. Here are some thought-provoking questions on this issue to consider and discuss. Share your comments with us on social media. Follow us @missionexus.

Practical Discipleship. Are you walking with the people God has placed in your life? Is your heart characterized by humility in service to Christ or are you committed to a model and “success story”? As you consider your next steps in ministry, seek to submit your model to Christ and his call to discipleship.

Apostolic Church Planting. When you think of church planting, how has experience colored the way you interpret and obey scripture? Is your idea of church driven by infrastructure or preaching the gospel? Evaluate: In what ways can you reform your perspective on Christ’s bride, the Church, especially in its local expression?

Conversation as a Tool In Discipleship. Personal culture often drives the way we pursue relationships. Examine yourself in light of the “one another” Scriptures. What skills can you develop to reach out to cultural demographics different from your own? How can your relational habits expand beyond your comfort zone?

Refocusing on Evangelism. Consider the power of the gospel in your own life. Does Christ’s command to preach the gospel compel you to evaluate—and then correct—your focus? Does his kingdom consume you so that your life is colored and driven by a desire to proclaim the words of life to the lost?

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