Rethinking the Question “Who is a Missionary?”

Rethinking the Question “Who is a Missionary?” in Light of 21st Century Diaspora Realities, with Implications for its Missionaries, Churches and Mission Agencies Today

Clearly God is at work in the movement of peoples from everywhere to everywhere in these first two decades of the 21st century.  This new work requires all of us to rethink what missions is and who the missionaries really are.  Previous 19th and 20th century categories and ways of doing mission-especially in answering the question “Who is a Missionary”- must be reexamined by missionaries, churches and mission agencies today in order for them to take full advantage of what God is doing.

Larry W. Caldwell is Dean and Chief Academic Officer at Sioux Falls Seminary, Sioux Falls, SD.  He is also Director of Training and Strategy for Converge Worldwide (formerly Baptist General Conference).  He can be contacted at

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