Preventative Care for Third Culture Kids

Description:  Third Culture Kids (TCKs) have the unique ability to bridge cultural gaps, embrace differences, and navigate our globalizing world, but only if they are healthy. Preventative care for Third Culture Kids is a critical component to raising healthy TCKs and to enjoying the immense benefits that they have to offer society. The webinar will discuss the concept of preventative care for globally mobile families, some practical ways to administer and implement it, and practical ways to maximize the immense benefits of growing up globally.

Presented by: Lauren Wells, Director of Training Programs and TCK Programs, CultureBound

Lauren Wells is the Director of Training Programs and TCK Programs for CultureBound. An Adult Third Culture Kid (ATCK), Lauren grew up in Tanzania, East Africa, and uses her personal experience and education to support families who are learning to navigate life in a new culture. She specializes in practical, preventative care for Third Culture Kids.


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