Making God’s Love Visible 

It is just a reality that The Great Commission faces barriers in many countries and cultures. But innovative approaches make an exciting impact, defeating the forces of darkness step by step. SAT-7, a multimedia ministry, shines as a bright success story. We have been broadcasting Christian programs via satellite TV for over 25 years. With four stations operating 24/7, we have established a strong presence throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Recently moving into the world of video-on-demand and social media broadcasting allows more people access to Gospel messages where they learn about the hope and love found in Jesus. The stations broadcast programs in Arabic, Turkish, and Farsi (Persian) and are produced mainly by nationals in our studios.

Utilizing national workers is an international outreach. In the approximately 70 nations where our satellite efforts extend, Christianity is generally considered a “Western religion” and is certainly not the local dominant faith. Imagine the millions exposed to the Gospel, Biblical teaching, discipleship, and practical life insights through our programs. Refugees who have fled to various European nations also have direct access to SAT-7. This ministry offers a practical and cost-effective approach to the Great Commission.

Consider the scope of those involved in broadcasting our programs!

  • The technical staff who write scripts. The program schedule coordinators. Those who film and produce live programs. And administrative staff behind the scenes.
  • The program hosts plus regularly featured cast and program guests.
  • The pastors and other church leaders (Middle Easterners) share their sermon and Biblical teaching series, worship music, and discipleship materials.
  • Staff in several countries whose focus is promotion and fundraising.

There are also unsung heroes like our staff and volunteers who answer phones at several international call centers. This team often deals with offensive verbal abuse from callers who are antagonistic to the Christian faith. But they also have opportunities to share the Gospel or present Biblical information, send out Bibles and literature, and speak or pray with callers. They prepare for anything imaginable. Questions range from basic hygiene to broken relationships and heart-wrenching persecution. Imagine the courage needed by callers on “secure” phone apps who are still risking their safety—sometimes even their lives—by responding to our programs!

What we do involves a unique and sensitive approach. SAT-7 sells no airtime to advertisers and does not take a political position. Our approach is collaborative, with all Christian denominations working together with their programs to make God’s love visible in the Middle East and North Africa!

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