From Mission Field to Mission Force Latinos Are Stepping Up

Presented by: Alexandra Zamora

Description: Latin Americans are crucial members of the Body of Christ and are also called to fulfill the church’s mission to reach the nations with the Gospel. In this workshop, you will see snapshots of the expanding mission vision among Latinos. How do we create equitable partnerships, where the relationships are horizontal and not vertical and where the power of decision-making is shared? How do we learn to cooperate together, where each member, in humility, esteems others above themselves? We will ask the difficult questions: Is the Anglo church ready to treat their Latin American brothers and sisters as full partners? What does partnership mean for a Latino, and what does it mean for an Anglo? How do we maximize the strengths and differences of each ethnic group in a biblical way while adapting expectations to reality? Should we expect tension as we grow, or should everything work smoothly? The Great Commission deserves answers to these questions.

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