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We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest issue of EMQ (Evangelical Missions Quarterly), Volume 59 Issue 3. In this issue, we dive into the fascinating world of the digital frontier of missions. From innovative technologies to the power of digital collaboration, this edition explores how the increasing availability of digital tools is transforming the way we approach missions, evangelism, discipleship, and prayer. Join us as we navigate the intersection of technology and missions, uncovering new possibilities and opportunities for spreading the Gospel.

The Digital Frontier of Missions

In our editorial, Heather Pubols sets the stage for the issue, discussing how digital technology is revolutionizing missions in unprecedented ways. From apps to AI, missions and technology are converging to create new opportunities for reaching people with the Gospel.

Feature Articles

  1. Digital Strategies for Collaboration: In this article, Andrew Feng and Nick Wu provide insights into the vast landscape of digital solutions for missions. They address the overwhelming options available to missions leaders and practitioners, offering strategies for effective collaboration in the digital realm.
  2. Meeting God in the Metaverse: Jeff Reed takes us on an exploration of the metaverse mission field, where innovative church planters are leading groundbreaking experiments. Discover how digital environments offer unique opportunities for reaching the world with the Gospel.
  3. Mobilizing Techies for Missions: Dorinda Beeley shares her personal journey from missions tech skeptic to missions tech recruiter. Learn how her ministry has connected thousands of Christian computer science students to missions tech needs and empowered them to use their skills for kingdom impact.
  4. Global Missions from the Comfort of Your Living Room: Dorrie Manu introduces the Mentor Ministry software platform, which facilitates online connections between mentors and mentees on their spiritual journeys. Explore how this platform enables global missions and equips mentors to guide others towards Jesus, all from the comfort of their living rooms.
  5. AI Hallucinations, Chatbots, and the Truth of Holy Scripture: Jeremy Hodes delves into the intersection of artificial intelligence and the truth of Scripture. Discover the potential of AI chatbots in missions, as well as the challenges and opportunities they present in spreading the Gospel.
  6. The Global Impact of George Verwer: David Greenlee and Greg Kernaghan pay tribute to the late George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilisation (OM), and reflect on his profound influence in global missions. Explore the lasting legacy of this remarkable man and the impact he has made far beyond the boundaries of OM.

Additional Articles:

  • Let the Nations Hear: D. B. Brown explains how digital distribution of Scriptural content can bridge the gap when traditional missions methods are not possible.
  • Can Digital Make Us Human Again?: Justin Sooter explores how digital technology can bring Christians together and enhance evangelism in a world dominated by screens.
  • Matching Missionaries and Partners: A Modern Approach: Kevin Horan presents a modern approach to connecting missionaries and potential partners through a website/app.
  • Technology is Multiplying Prayer for ALL Nations: Elizabeth Adleta, Susmitha Kothari, Ray Peng, Pastor X*, and Robby Butler discuss the power of technology in connecting believers around the world for coordinated, 24/7/365 prayer. Discover how technology is fueling global prayer movements.
  • Digital Missions Launchpad: Ace Pendon takes us inside the Cru Digital Strategies team’s efforts to equip digital missionaries and bridge missional gaps through their innovative digital training programs.
  • Funnels and Loops: How Mass Communication is Accelerating Movements: Josiah Palusky explores the ways in which technology and mass communication are accelerating evangelism and discipleship movements like never before.

Extras, Book Reviews, and More

In addition to the feature articles, this issue of EMQ includes thought-provoking extras, book reviews, and web exclusives that delve deeper into various aspects of missions and technology.

EMQ Volume 59 Issue 3 offers a comprehensive exploration of the digital frontier of missions, showcasing the transformative power of technology in advancing the spread of the Gospel. As we embrace the possibilities and challenges presented by the digital age, this issue serves as a valuable resource for missions leaders, practitioners, and anyone interested in the intersection of technology and faith. We invite you to download the issue, read it online, or purchase the print edition on Amazon.

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