Webinar: Charitable Giving in the Wake of COVID-19

Description of webinar:  

These are unprecedented times and many nonprofit leaders are struggling with the uncertainty of not knowing how COVID-19 will impact charitable giving over the remainder of this year. Join us for this webinar as Derric Bakker and Paul Martin of DickersonBakker share key takeaways from their recent nationwide survey of over 1,000 mid- and major donors. These results will shed light on how COVID-19 is likely to affect giving through the 2nd half of 2020 and provide answers to many questions you may have, such as:

  • Will COVID-19 cause donors to give more or less to ministries this year?
  • How are donors feeling about the economy? How much has COVID-19 affected them personally and financially?
  • Are donors shifting their giving patterns or priorities because of COVID-19? If so, how will this likely affect future giving to ministries?
  • What is going to happen to giving from donors who made a special contribution in the immediate aftermath of COVID? Are those special gifts going to impact their giving later in the year?
  • How long until donors are likely to be willing to attend fundraising events or meet with your fundraising personnel?

Attendees will gain important insights into what donors are thinking, which may cause you to rethink some of your fundraising strategies going into the fall fundraising season.

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Derric Bakker, MBA
President, DickersonBakker

Derric Bakker has worked with dozens of organizations across the U.S., Canada, and overseas, helping to raise well over $100 million for ministry. A recognized expert in the field, Derric has successfully solicited countless major gifts, including some in excess of $10 million. Serving since 2000 as a consultant with two other large firms specializing in major gifts, Derric founded his own firm in 2010, which merged in 2012 to become DickersonBakker, where he now serves as President. 

Paul Martin
Senior Partner, DickersonBakker

Paul Martin helps ministries flourish in vision and funding so they take the Gospel to more people. Paul guides global missions agencies, local ministries, broadcasters, and higher education institutions, to increase donor support. For his long time pursuit of growing impact, Paul has received the The National Center for Stewardship and Generosity’s (NCSG) Lifetime Stewardship Achievement Award and The Scott Campbell Industry Achievement Award from Christian Music Broadcasters (CMB).

This event is brought to  you by Missio Nexus and DickersonBakker.

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