When you finally get what you’ve been waiting for.

This message you’re about to see is from a participant in the Storyteller Workshop.

It is a powerful testimonial to the work being done in partnership with Move You Media to help cross-cultural workers take on the mindset of a storyteller.

Your next opportunity to take on the mindset of a storyteller is almost here.

This April and May, Move You Media is helping your field workers to unleash the two most compelling advantages they have when it comes to sharing their story.

  1. Is the mobile phone in their pocket
  1. Is their location and the abundance of compelling stories they can share

Through our live and interactive Zoom workshops field workers will discover how to take on the mindset of a storyteller.

This will catapult your agency’s ability to tell its story with a tremendous amount of authentic material.

We show them stress free techniques to make content when they’re too busy to make videos.

Learn more about this Missio Nexus member benefit at MoveYouMedia.com.

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