Webinar: Overview of the 2023 CEO Survey Report


This webinar delves into the insights of the 2023 Missio Nexus CEO Survey Report. This triennial report provides a comprehensive overview, presenting perspectives from 61 CEOs overseeing more than 15,000 global staff members within the ministry sector. With 124 pages of rich content, the report includes 13 thought leader insights from CEOs within the ministry community, offering invaluable perspectives from ministry leaders.

During the session, we will explore the analysis and application of the Missio Nexus leadership trends within the ministry sector, taking a deep dive into the latest perspectives and issues of interest in the ministry landscape.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain wisdom from global ministry leaders and enhance your strategic decision-making within the ministry context. Register now for a webinar that promises to be both enlightening and actionable for your ministry endeavors.


Michael VanHuis serves as the Executive Director of Missio Nexus. He and his wife Laura have served as field missionaries in Ghana, West Africa and in international and home office leadership with Pioneers. He has also served as the mission’s pastor and chief of staff at Northland Church. Prior to coming to Missio Nexus he managed a private family foundation and served as Vice President for OneWay Ministries. Michael is passionate about leadership and helping to liberate leaders and organizations to reach their full potential.

Michael holds a Masters in Global Leadership from Fuller School of Intercultural studies. He is an avid reader, serves as an Elder at his local church, and loves to be outdoors. He and his wife Laura live in Aurora, IL and have five children. 

Missio Nexus encourages interaction on diverse and difficult topics. Be aware that the information shared in this event may not reflect the views of the Missio Nexus staff, board, or other community members.

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