Webinar: Attributes-based training: How to help new workers make it on the field


Christians are all too familiar with the dichotomy between “being a Mary” (sitting at Jesus’ feet) and “being a Martha” (being active in ministry). We have been told that before we can do, we first need to be. And this is well and good. But it is insufficient. Before we can be, we first need to know. We need to know who God is (God’s attributes) so that we can then be who we are intended to be in Christ. Only then should we seek to do what he has called and equipped us to do for his glory. This webinar will focus on knowing God, in his many attributes, so that we can become conformed to his image, in order to do what he’s called us to do to bring the gospel to the world.


Dr. Ed Scheuerman has been Professor and Director of the Intercultural Studies Program at Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School for nearly twelve years. He previously served in Southeast Asia with Pioneers, International, for twenty-three years. His wife, Carol, and he have four daughters (and sons-in-law) and eight grandchildren. Carol and he have a bucket list goal of playing disc golf in each of the fifty states.

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