Webinar: A Journey Towards Polycentric Missions Leadership

In their article for the Lausanne Movement titled, “What is Polycentric Mission Leadership?” Micaela Braithwaite and Joseph Handley write, “[Polycentric] describes the concept of having more than one centre. When we talk about polycentric leadership, we are speaking about leadership that functions across multiple spheres of influence, including geography, ethnicity, age, region, gender, and nationality…In other words, it is a diversified leadership, from everyone to everywhere.”

Tory Ruark, Director of MissionExcellence, will be talking with MissionExcellence Accredited Member Dale Lusk and the polycentric leadership team of Merge Ministries. They’ll unpack the idea of polycentric leadership and then tell the story of how God moved Merge Ministries from a very USA centric model to a polycentric model of leaders from all around the world.

Change doesn’t happen overnight and it’s not always easy. This leadership group will share what it took for leaders in the USA to step aside and for leaders from around the world to step into leadership, the challenges that still exist but, most importantly, the many blessings that have come from this Kingdom building model of leadership.

Presenters: Tory Ruark and Dale Lusk

Tory went on his first mission trip in college and his life has never been the same. He’s been on staff with MissionExcellence since 2004 and led mission trips and spearheaded partnerships with leaders in many countries during this time.

Dale has been a missionary with The Evangelical Covenant Church since 1993. He is passionate about breaking out of old paradigms, elevating the voice of Global Church leaders, and seeing the Gospel spread through partnerships between churches in the United States and those around the world.

Missio Nexus encourages interaction on diverse and difficult topics. Be aware that the information shared in this event may not reflect the views of the Missio Nexus staff, board, or other community members.

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