Webinar: A Case for the Practice of Vulnerable Mission in Ministry of Westerners amongst African People


Today’s dominant secular powers seek to belittle impacts of faith in Christ that are other than private, by when at all possible assuming every ethnic group globally to have the same foundational moral and spiritual orientation. The use of one language for formal purposes globally conceals extant difference, and prevents helpful change. Westerners who fall into the trap of believing what they are told by the media can convince themselves that their personal witness has no role in contemporary outreach. They opt to hide their light under a bushel. Going on mission makes no sense. This webinar will take just one example, the possibility of universal altruism in contrast to parochial altruism, to articulate what happens if Westerners assume their Christian heritage to be zero, and use English in mission. This is contrasted with the alternative; valuing Christian love and engaging people in their own languages.  


Jim Harries, Chairman, Vulnerable Mission. Originally from the UK, sent by Baptist Churches, I have served primarily in Bible teaching in East Africa, since 1988. I use the Luo and Swahili languages in ministry, that includes engaging in many long-term relationships with indigenous Christians and churches. I am single. I look after orphan children in my local village home. I currently serve under the umbrella of the Coptic Orthodox Church, I chair the Alliance for Vulnerable Mission, and am adjunct faculty at William Carey International University.

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