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Series: Your Path to Success at the 2023 Mission Leaders Conference!

Take your mission administration skills to the next level at the 2023 Mission Leaders Conference. Hosted at the beautiful Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida, this conference brings together hundreds of missions-driven professionals from the Great Commission community. Among the diverse range of tracks available, the Mission Administration Finance, Information Technology, and Development (MAFID) track stands out as a comprehensive program designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in mission administration. Get ready to transform your organization’s financial and technological strategies — while also earning up to 11.5 hours of valuable CPE credit (learn more about CPE credit)!

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Enriching Workshops

The MAFID track offers a selection of 15 workshops tailored to address the most pressing challenges in mission administration. Here’s a sneak peek at just a few of the workshops you can expect to experience:

  • “Wrangling Technology Costs”: Discover effective strategies to optimize technology expenses and maximize your mission’s resources.
  • “2023 Survey of Finance and Administration Practices”: Gain insights from industry experts and learn about the latest best practices in finance and administration.
  • “Shift: How AI is Transforming Marketing and Fundraising”: Explore the revolutionary impact of artificial intelligence on marketing and fundraising, and learn how to leverage this transformative technology for the benefit of your mission.
  • “Internal Audit: How to Implement Internal Control Reviews in Every Ministry”: Learn how to develop robust internal control frameworks and implement effective internal audit processes to ensure accountability and compliance across all ministry departments.

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Seasoned Presenters

MAFID’s workshops are led by an exceptional team of experienced presenters who are at the forefront of mission administration. With their knowledge and expertise, these leaders will guide you through the intricacies of financial management, technology integration, and development strategies. Among the presenters you can expect to engage with industry professionals such as David Broussard, David Beroth, Brad Layland, Dave Raley, and Toby Weiss. Their combined expertise and practical insights will provide you with invaluable guidance and inspiration throughout the conference.

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Pre-Conference Sessions

For those seeking a deeper dive into specific areas of mission administration, the MAFID track offers four pre-conference sessions that provide an immersive and focused learning experience. These sessions include:

  • “The Fundamentals of Development Work”: Build a solid foundation in development work and explore key strategies for successful fundraising and donor engagement.
  • “The CIO Roundtable”: Engage in stimulating discussions with fellow technology leaders, share challenges, and explore innovative solutions to common IT hurdles.
  • “The CFO Roundtable”: Join financial executives in insightful conversations about financial management, risk assessment, and strategic planning for mission organizations.
  • “Financial Bootcamp for Controllers and Financial Directors”: Enhance your financial acumen with a comprehensive bootcamp designed to equip you with the skills needed to effectively manage finances, control costs, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend the 2023 Mission Leaders Conference at an incredible value! Take advantage of the Early Bird pricing, available until June 8th, and secure your spot at this event.

The MAFID track at the 2023 Mission Leaders Conference promises to be an experience for mission administrators to elevate their skills and broaden their knowledge. With a diverse range of workshops, esteemed presenters, pre-conference sessions, and the opportunity to earn valuable CPE credit, this track is an exceptional opportunity to enhance your mission administration capabilities.

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