Trauma Informed Staff Care

Details: September 28, 2023, 08:30 AM - 09:45:00 PM ET 

Workshop Track: People Care and Development

Primary Audience: Those involved in the well-being of staff especially, staff care facilitators, coaches or counselors

Trauma is a deep wound of the heart and mind that can take a long time to heal. It hurts every part of our lives: our emotions, how we relate to others, how our body feels, what we think about, and how much we can trust God.

It can make us feel separated from God and others. In our lives as global workers we both encounter trauma in those we serve and care for and in our own lives (both first hand and secondary traumas). For both the lay staff care provider and the professional counselor it is essential that we provide care from a trauma informed perspective. Knowing how trauma impacts the body, mind and soul allows each of us to provide more holistic care to those who are suffering. Those attending this session will:

  • Learn what trauma is and how it impacts the whole self
  • Be able to identify potential signs and symptoms of trauma
  • Learn practical ways to provide trauma informed care

Meet the Presenters

James Covey


Counselor / SIL Eurasia Staff Care Coordinator


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