Progress In Your Top 3 Priorities?

Progress In Your Top 3 Priorities?

Written by Wendy Wilson

Wendy Wilson is one of our nine Mission Advisors focused on assisting the Missio Nexus association with key insights and wisdom on specific topics and areas of interest.  You can learn more about our Mission Advisors and their areas of focus by click here:  Mission Advisors

As I’ve interacted with many of our Missio Nexus members around the kinds of challenges and opportunities we are facing in this decade, most of us are sensing that the ground beneath us is shifting on the subject of women in our Great Commission efforts.  It can be complex and multi-faceted. That can be scary, irritating, enlightening, or energizing, depending on your organizational or personal culture.  For some of us, it seems more pressing than for others. But for most of us, it doesn’t make the top 3 most pressing issues we would identify that must be dealt with in order to be effective in accomplishing our mission right now.

Something to consider perhaps?  When women usually make up more than half of our staff members, and many of them feel underutilized for a wide variety of reasons, could it be that more of the gifts and talent and passion we need to address those “Top 3”, is right under our noses? Evaluating how we engage our women, in both written and unwritten mission policy, could unlock an avalanche of blessing that the Spirit has invested in them, waiting to be tapped to help us accomplish our mission! The power of hospitality and mercy ministry, shepherding and teaching, leadership and strategic thinking, organizing and detailing, creating and imagining, counseling and discerning, exhorting and encouraging . . . We need it all in our men and women both in order to make disciples of all the nations!

And in our times, we need safe spaces to have productive conversations that help us sort out the way forward to better engage our women, and to allow men and women to flourish in their working relationships as brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ.  Missio Nexus and Women’s Development Track are working to provide those safe spaces to explore together as Kingdom colleagues, through a variety of experiences and resources.  We want to help you get from where you are to where you would like to be, in your particular challenges and invitations into what God is doing in the world!

By Wendy Wilson
Missio Nexus Mission Advisor for Development of Women
Exec Dir, Women’s Development Track

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