Webinar: The People Group Paradigm in 2020: Relevant for Today, Relic from the Past or Something in Between?

Description:  The last ten years have witnessed an increasing number of questions and criticisms related to the people group paradigm. Is panta ta ethne really talking about people groups? Haven’t the seismic forces of globalization, urbanization, migration and the digital revolution made the people group concept irrelevant? Aren’t the realities on the ground simply too complex for the simplistic notion of people groups? If the people group paradigm represented the third era of mission and is over forty years old, isn’t it time for the fourth one to appear? This webinar will delve into these and other questions and will attempt to give an up-to-date synopsis on the current status of the people group paradigm.

Presented by: Dave Datema, Missiology Catalyst, Frontier Ventures

About the Presenter: Dave Datema has served with Frontier Ventures (formerly US Center for World Mission) for twenty years, now in the role of Missiology Catalyst. Dave was born in Jamaica, grew up in Sierra Leone, West Africa and completed college and seminary  in the Midwest. He pastored for ten years in Ohio before moving to Pasadena, California. He is a third-year PhD student at Fuller Theological Seminary, researching a 19th century African-American missionary to Sierra Leone, Joseph Gomer. Dave is married with four children.

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