The hard facts that will soften your heart about the Good News

By Alliance for the Unreached

It’s wonderful that so many hearts, like yours, are burning for the two billion unreached people in the world who have yet to hear the life-changing good news of Jesus’s great love for them.

But that heart of passion needs to be combined with a head for the facts if we are to get closer to fulfilling the Great Commission, to go into the world and share the gospel with everyone.

We have to know what still needs to be done, where, and how.

That is why we at the Alliance for the Unreached are offering you our new free Great Commission Action Guide, which sets out ways in which you can play an active role in reaching the unreached.

Because the International Day for the Unreached is not just about inspiration, but information, this helpful guide draws from the work of alliance members who have access to the latest information and insights from the missions world that can fuel your fire for seeing the Great Commission completed.

Among them:

Frontier Ventures, championing the unreached through research, education, and mobilization.

Joshua Project, using research to encourage pioneer church-planting movements among the most-unreached

Mission Network News, reporting on what’s being done to reach the unreached–news of what really matters to God’s heart

Missio Nexus, creating networks that foster innovation among Great Commission-focused organizations, to increase effectiveness

Some of their knowledge is shared in our new free Great Commission Action Guide, which sets out ways in which you can play an active role in reaching the unreached.

And you can learn more about and from each of them at the International Day for the Unreached website. Check out the resources that are available, today.

May what you learn cause your heart to burn even more fiercely for those who have yet to hear of God’s redeeming love!

And be sure to mark your calendar for Pentecost Sunday, June 9, and this year’s International Day for the Unreached.

This article is submitted by Alliance for the Unreached, a Missio Nexus member.  Member organizations can provide content to the Missio Nexus website. See how by clicking here.

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