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Series: Your Path to Success at the 2023 Mission Leaders Conference!

In the ever-shifting landscape of missions work, it is essential for leaders to equip themselves with the skills and strategies necessary to overcome challenges and embrace opportunities. That’s why we invite you to the 2023 Mission Leaders Conference and its dedicated Training Track. Designed specifically to help you build a skilled and qualified missionary task force with proper missionary orientation, development, and oversight. Participate in this track, to gain valuable insights, practical tools, and innovative ideas for training workers and empowering them for long-term engagement in the mission field.

Workshop Track Sponsor

The Training Track is sponsored by Covenant Eyes.

Led by Mark Morgenstern and Grant Haynes, the Training track features five engaging sessions that delve into key aspects of training and preparing our missionaries to engage for the long-run including workshops on trauma care, serving together on healthy teams, and language learning. Here’s a sneak peek at what each session has in store:

  • How and Why I Built My Online Training Platform
    “The Missions Academy” provides students engaging online access to content that prepares them for a short-term missions trip, any type of missions outreach or service, and for living a life of faithful mission in the Kingdom of God. Touch the World launched this initiative to enhance their already excellent and comprehensive training curriculum. So why did they do it? And how? Come and find out in this case study of an organization’s commitment to engaging technology to up their game and fulfill their calling. Led by Andrea Kroeze.
  • The Cost of Caring: Service Among Survivors of Trauma
    Trauma is the lasting emotional response that often results from living through a distressing event. Experiencing a traumatic event can harm a person’s sense of safety, sense of self, and ability to regulate emotions and navigate relationships. While purposefully engaging in trauma-filled environments to share Jesus’ love and the good news of the Gospel, missional workers may themselves experience trauma or be deeply personally affected by the trauma of those surrounding them. This workshop will explore principles and practices to prepare ourselves and those we train to stay engaged for the long-run. Led by Rachel Uthman.
  • Preparing Today’s Missionaries for Practical Peacemaking
    Conflict between committed, passionate global workers is common, and unresolved conflicts threaten team dynamics, fruitful ministry, and field longevity. Effective and actionable strategies that facilitate genuine peace are both essential and elusive. This workshop will identify key elements to include in peacemaking trainings and common practices to avoid. Popular models of conflict resolution will be evaluated in terms of practical application, quick outcomes and lasting impact, available training resources, and cross-cultural relevance. Led by Janeen Davis.
  • Developing Best Training Practices for Retention: What Current Attrition Research Indicates
    New data is available on why missionaries leave the field and return home. How do we put it into practice in preparing new missionaries and offering continuing training for those already on the field? This workshop will summarize the top 10 reasons for missionary attrition, and begin some key discussions on how we can address them through training. What are some of the issues that need to be addressed to keep workers healthier and on the field longer? Prepare to contribute and learn from your peers as we investigate best practices in training that will reduce missionary turnover. Led by Andrea Sears.
  • Language Learning in the 21st Century: Press for Success!
    The role of language learning in effective global missions in the 21st century remains an overlooked yet monumental piece of the puzzle. Missionaries struggle to reach a high enough language proficiency for ministry. Teams struggle to understand which languages are important for ministry and how to best learn them. Organizations struggle to know how to best incorporate language learning into strategies, policies, procedures, and budgets. Led by Natalie Mullen Leisher.

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Session Presenters

The Training track includes a lineup of seasoned presenters, each bringing unique perspectives and extensive experience in a wide array of areas. These experts include: Andrea Kroeze, Rachel Uthman, Janeen Davis, Andrea Sears, and Natalie Mullen Leisher. You will be equipped with actionable strategies, innovative ideas, and practical tools to effectively grow and develop and impact the world for Christ.

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Join us in Orlando September 27–29, 2023 to attend the Short-Term Missions track at the 2023 Mission Leaders Conference. You will gain valuable insights, practical tools, and innovative ideas that will empower you to effectively develop and empower your team.

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