Starting Points in Mission Mobilization

By Mark Stebbins

A list of five “ones” might provide an ideal, simple job description for a beginning Missions’ Mobilizer. These concrete foundation pillars are a solid starting point, and over time a more personalized and expanded strategy could be built.  Here’s the list:

One verse—What scripture grips you deeply about the nations?  It may be one that challenges and deeply inspires you.  It likely gives you a hopeful vision of the bright future God plans for the whole earth.  It is a passage that grounds you with clarity about the nations and is easily on your lips to share with others.  Psalms 2:8 and Isaiah 49:6 are my own personal favorites.

One target—What person or fellowship group could you start with, already close at hand, to focus your mobilization efforts?  It could be a friend, family member, a Bible study group, or a fellowship at your church.  Identify your target, and begin with steady prayer for God to use you with them.  Begin thinking of how you could approach them to mobilize them.

One need—What is it that God has put on your heart, that burdens and breaks your heart, as a need among the nations?  It may relate to a people group, an injustice, a statistic, or a story that moves you deeply and about which you can speak passionately?  Advocating for the 2 billion unengaged from the Gospel globally could be an inspiring example.  Global pain and suffering are unending.  What might you highlight and focus upon as you seek to mobilize others?

One tool—What resource can you utilize with your target group to move them?  It may be a video, a testimony, a book, a website, a talk, a handout, or praying together.  It might relate to the need you have a heart to promote, or may be more general.  A curriculum like Perspectives or an event like Urbana could serve well in this category.  Doing something together with those you are mobilizing is ideal to help them experience what breaks and moves the heart of God.

One challenge—What invitation to heroic action could you give to your target group to get them into motion?  It might easily relate to a global need they are touched by or getting them going with a tool you have introduced to them.  It could be a big ask, like to go on a missions trip, meet with a missions mentor, or dream up their own creative missions contribution.  Whatever it is, help them get started and keep going!

Peer-to-peer missions’ mobilization is and may continue to be an unrecognized secret weapon in God’s grand enterprise on earth.  It is easy for ordinary believers to do, and does not require sophistication to perform.  It does, however, require individual willingness to accomplish and permission to allow its execution.  Try to write out your list of five “ones” to personalize your starting points for intentional Missions’ Mobilization.

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