Thompson, Catherine

Catherine Thompson

Area Leader for East Central Europe, Pioneers

Cathy is a TCK with degrees in Education, Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Leadership. She has further studies and certificates in Ministry Leadership Development, Member Care, Conflict Management, Counseling, Child Safety and Forensic Investigation.

Since 1992, Cathy has served in leadership in Hungary and since April 2009 as Area Leader for East Central Europe. Cathy also serves as Pioneers’ Child Safety Officer for Europe as well as a member of several working groups on training and leadership development. She is committed to seeing teams work well as they incorporate singles, couples and families onto multicultural and multi-situational teams. She serves on the Shoulder to Shoulder Excutive Team.

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Managing Conflict in a Multicultural Team

Conflict occurs wherever human beings live or work together. It is no surprise then that conflict is a major issue in multicultural teams. All of the eighty-one people we interviewed explained that their team had experienced some degree of conflict, and in some of these teams, conflict had deeply hurt team members and damaged the effectiveness of their team (Hibbert 2002; Hibbert 2011). 

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