Spark – A Comprehensive Worship Leadership Handbook 

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Spark – A Comprehensive Worship Leadership Handbook

By Jeff Deyo

Worship City Ministries, 2021

426 Pages   

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This book, as the title states, is a comprehensive guide to leading worship. In Section One, Jeff Deyo, a church worship leader and professor of worship leadership at North Central University, includes an extended discussion of the inner life of the leader, including a variety of spiritual disciplines that can lead to greater authenticity. Section Two covers just about every logistical issue imaginable – forming effective teams, rehearsals, using the various technological tools, engaging the congregation, etc. Section Three is a wide-ranging explanation of how to teach and lead a congregation into a culture of deeper experience of God through worship. Deyo teaches at a charismatic Christian college and in this third portion of the book, his Pentecostal approach to some aspects of leading worship becomes evident. This should not, however, be objectionable to those from a non-Pentecostal background as there is much to appreciate in this study even if one does not necessarily share this aspect of his theology.  

Leader’s Edge
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